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See how the NetExam philosophy of technology and
learning can help make you more profitable.

Instructor Led Training

Tour-ItemsliveNetExam supports all aspects of Instructor Led Training such as Venue/Instructor /Resource Management, Waitlists, Webinars and Virtual Classes, email invitations/notifications, automatic Virtual Lab allocation etc

Remote Instructor Led Integrated Partners

Feature List Deep Dive

NetExam is the only LMS to successfully incorporate the latest Information Learning Technology (ILT) with fundamentals of eLearning, Social Learning and Informal Learning. The result is an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to be certain that your partners and customers not only have a firm grasp of your product, but what they need to do in order to sell it.

Take a deeper dive into our philosophy regarding these three pillars of learning below.


Discover how our groundbreaking LMS administers, documents, and tracks electronic educational technology and training programs.

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Instructor-Led Training

Read about how we’re enhancing the learning experience by staying on the cutting edge of Instructor-Led Training.

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Social Learning

See how we can help you capture the magic that happens when people from similar industries share their similar interests.

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Informal Learning

Find out how we take advantage of the everyday so your customers and partners can learn without even knowing it.

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