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Informal Learning

Tour-ItemsexamHow did you learn when you were a small child? Who taught you to speak your native language when you were a baby? Did you take a structured, formal class, or did you learn the terms by hearing the language from your family and friends?

Often referred to as learning by experience, Informal Learning is a phenomenon of learning that relies on participation, in contrast with the traditional view of teacher-centered knowledge.

Informal Learning is a more impromptu form of education. It’s usually unscheduled and happens on the fly. For the most part, learners gain knowledge participating in online discussions and presentations that center on their personal interests and activities.

It’s often helpful to look at Informal Learning as the unforeseen side effect of carrying out normal, everyday activities. Most of the time individuals aren’t even aware that they are learning when they obtain knowledge this way.

In the corporate world, Informal Learning is just as prevalent as it is in the real world. In fact the majority of learning done in the work place is done informally. Yet many companies don’t take advantage of this my implementing a LMS that supports this way of learning.

NetExam has created an Informal Learning LMS unlike any other, where course creators can activate informal learning components for each course. This component provides the learners and the course creators a platform to exchange relevant information relevant. Plus top contributors are able to receive points and recognition.


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NetExam is the only LMS to successfully incorporate the latest Information Learning Technology (ILT) with fundamentals of eLearning, Social Learning and Informal Learning. The result is an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to be certain that your partners and customers not only have a firm grasp of your product, but what they need to do in order to sell it.

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