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Social Learning

Social learning is the theory that learning is not purely behavioral, but instead takes place in a social context, whether it comes from friends, family or surrounding circumstances. Through observation and extraction of information from those observations, a person can make decisions about the performance of that behavior and thus learning occurs. We see real examples of this type of learning in today’s social media applications, including the creation of trends, likes & dislikes and product recommendations.

In the modern field of computational intelligence, social learning is used to develop new optimization algorithms. These are built to focus on bringing people and industries with similar interests together to share knowledge, and in turn discover this most optimum path to their own success. To help your business take advantage of this type of learning, NetExam has partnered with the ensemba, a pioneer in this type of tracking.

Ensemba allows users to look at the specific product information for a person. When that individual makes a recommendation, it’s then shared with users that match the recommender’s industry and interest, building a fully customized experience for each individual. It’s a fluid and streamlined way to communicate discoveries with the people who will appreciate them most, as well as a way to discover new information from your peers.

With the partnership of NetExam and ensemba we’ve created a social learning LMS unlike any other, where users can:

Share Links

Each individual user can receive a steady stream of relevant content, sorted and organized for based on their specific need.

Publish Interests

Unlike normal social networking where users are grouped with people they know, users are grouped based on common interests or goals.

Learn Socially

Follow specific users based on the content they find valuable. Plus receive connection recommendations based on common interests and likes.

Source the Internet

Leverage the peer networks created by connecting users together based on common interests and curate information to each user based on specific need.

Peer Match

Enjoy a fluid social knowledge sharing experience as you’re matched to individuals based on your voting history.

Follow Peers

Track interests and connect with them directly for an organic, common-interest-based experience.

Earn Points and Badges

Utilize gamification to identify and rank members’ expertise and knowledge within their interests.

Learn From Learners

Learn each members’ likes and dislikes through simple interaction, and then harness that knowledge to help your business.

With ensemba, we ‘ve created a one-of-a-kind Social Learning application you have to see to believe. It comes full integrated with NetExam and is free to our clients. Call us to learn more.

Feature List Deep Dive

NetExam is the only LMS to successfully incorporate the latest Information Learning Technology (ILT) with fundamentals of eLearning, Social Learning and Informal Learning. The result is an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to be certain that your partners and customers not only have a firm grasp of your product, but what they need to do in order to sell it.

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