NetExam Features

Developed with your Channel in mind

Built specifically for the Partner Channel/Manufacturer relationship, NetExam will help you build a custom certification program for your organizations needs. The NetExam solution arms you with the essential features to create a single global training program, that you can administer from ONE easy to use application. The NetExam Administration site was designed to allow you to easily configure and manage certifications for multiple languages from a single source. Templates are provided to allow for easy input and formatting of student communications. The NetExam system is also role-based to allow you to better manage access to the system.

  • User Group Management - Utilize user groups to target specific courses and certifications
  • Customizable Interface - NetExam is template based and provides a design template for branding your student site and communications.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Features - NetExam offers Digital Dashboards, Custom Reports, Crystal Reports and Ad Hoc Reporting, offering on-demand results and allowing you to create detailed NAM/CAM, Management and billing reports.
  • Compatible with all File Formats - NetExam is content agnostic so you can use existing course materials.
  • Full Testing Capabilities - Setup exams, quizzes and surveys. Randomize questions, limit the number times the student can test or time the exam.
  • Instant PDF Certificates - Automatically send custom certificates via email upon completion of either a course or certification.
  • Instructor Management - Manage instructor information and assignment of eligible classes.
  • Venue Management - Create and manage venue and sub venue information. Manage venue equipment.
  • Classroom Scheduling - Create and manage class schedules and sub-schedules.
  • Vouchers - Enter and manage vouchers.
  • Calendar Management - Add or create new classes from the calendar.
  • Public or Private - NetExam lets you designate the class as either Public or Private.
  • Wait List Management - Create and manage classroom wait lists.
  • Custom Communications - Create and send custom communications.
  • Manage User Roles - Create and manage user roles. Determine access / module views.
  • Custom Fields - Create custom fields for the user's profile.
  • External Course Management - Input and manage external course information.
  • Course Preview - Preview courses directly from the NetExam Admin application.
  • Bulk Registration - NetExam allows you to bulk register users within user groups to a specific course.
  • Learning Plans - Create customized Learning Plans for your students.

NetExam Student Features

Your student site will be branded with your company's identity and is fully customizable with content that you have entered into the NetExam Admin site.
When your learners login they will have access to enroll in the courses that you have made available to them and track their progress through their transcript page. Specific content can be targeted to the student along with a recommended learning plan.

  • Custom Communications - Notify students with alerts and special communications via the home page using the Messages and Alerts feature.
  • Recommended Books - The system intelligently recommends external resources such as books, webinars etc, to the leaner based on his/her courses and the choices of their peers. Cooperative policies can be set to control these lists.
  • Global Application - NetExam Supports ANY language. Students can update their language of choice via their Profile page.
  • Course Ranking - Students can rank courses on a scale of 1 through 5 from the course page.
  • Student Transcripts - Students can view their transcripts via the My Transcript page. This page keeps the student informed of each courses status, due dates and scores.
  • Learning Plans - The Learning Plan gives your student a recommended learning path that you have created based on their individual needs.
  • Instant Test Analysis - Students see their scores immediately after completing their exam.

NetExam Technical & Extended Features

NetExam was designed with a focus on the users, trainees, administrators and managers, aligning all the elements in order to achieve common business goals. These features broaden the capabilities:

  • SCORM Compliant - NetExam is SCORM and AICC compliant.
  • Web Services Architecture - Integrates with other business applications.
  • Single Sign-on Technology - Integrate with your Partner portal for a seamless logon.
  • SFDC Compliant - NetExam is customized and integrated with
  • Integration with Microsoft Office - Use any Microsoft Office application to manage training content users and reports.
  • 3rd Party Courses - Support for non-standard-bases third-party courseware