NetExam & Oracle Fusion

NetExam for Oracle Fusion
Integrated Partner Training for Oracle Fusion

NetExam, the leading Channel Partner Training and Certification system is now available for Oracle Fusion.

NetExam is the perfect complement to your Fusion launch. Designed specifically to support the tiered-channel structure, NetExam utilizes a flexible learning platform to integrate with Fusion. Just complete the easy setup and you’re ready to start the training process.

NetExam also interacts with Fusion to communicate important Partner Certification data allowing you to use this information to provide incentives to your Partners. For example, you can set certification requirements prior to releasing lead information to ensure that your Partners are experienced and certified in your products prior to receiving leads. And, the better trained your Partners are, the more products they’ll sell.

How it works:

No matter the type of training… on-demand, virtual or classroom… keeping your Partners training and certified in your latest product release is the key to advancing your Channel and improving your sales. The NetExam Training and Certification module gives you a complete learning solution to do just that.

Selecting the NetExam Partner Learning Management System to complement your Oracle Fusion implementation will arm you with the only certification and training solution that can handle it all. You’ll have access to all the testing, assessment, communication, courseware and reporting tools you need to manage your Channel and Partner certification program. You’ll also build healthy Channel adoption through stronger collaborative efforts. So, add NetExam Training and Certification to your Channel program, because the key to working better is working smarter.

For a full list of NetExam features, click here.