The Game Changer


ensemba analysis the specific products a person uses and what industries they use
them in. When that individual makes a recommendation; ensemba automatically shares it with users that match his/her interest and industry. It creates a fully customized experience for each individual. ensemba is an effortless way to communicate your discoveries with people who most appreciate them, and a great way to discover new information from your peers. Although ensemba requires no interaction with other members to work, members do have the option to interact,
if they choose.


  • Fully hosted and managed
  • Scalable to meet future growth
  • Targeted Link Sharing
  • Platform for SME to teach the masses
  • Supports Tiered Learning Structure
  • Compatible with any Content Format

ensemba! - social learning that's fun (seriously)

"Just last week, I saw the best social learning platform ever. Seriously, awesome."

Craig Weiss
E-Learning 24/7 Blog

Link Sharing

Get a steady stream of relevant content, sorted and organized for each individual user based on their specific need. Think, StumbleUpon meets Pinterest for enterprise learning!

Peer matching

ensemba matches you with individuals in the system that are most like you based on your voting history of likes and dislikes. This ensures a fluid social knowledge sharing experience.

Publish interests

Unlike social networking, where the common thread is grouping users with people they know, ensemba groups users based on common interests.

Follow Peers

Users to follow others, track their interests, and connect with them directly for an organic, common interest-based experience.

Social Learning

ensemba lets you follow specific users based on the content they find valuable. The system recommends members you should connect with based on common interests and likes.

Earn Points & badges

ensemba is based on the theory that everyone is an expert at something. ensemba utilizes Gamification to identify and rank members expertise and knowledge within their interests.

Source the Internet

  • Connect users together based on common interests and leveraging their peer networks to broadcast information to each user based on specific needs.

learn from learners

ensemba learns each member's likes and dislikes, and then harnesses that knowledge to share with others.