NetExam Channel LMS

Train your Channel Partners around the world with the only enterprise level Partner Learning Management System.

  • Fortune 500 proven
  • Fully hosted
  • Cloud-based
  • 28 languages supported
  • Salesforce & Oracle integrated
  • Free 30 day trial available
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ensemba Social Learning

Social Learning has never been more strategic (and fun) than with this fully NetExam-integrated solution.

  • Social Discovery & Filtering
  • NetExam integrated
  • High adoption rate
  • Gamification driven
  • FREE for NetExam users
  • Fun to use and easy to launch
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managed services

Over burdened and under staffed? Let our team of qualified NetExam Admins help you launch and manage your program.

  • Fully Managed
  • Advanced Learning Program
  • User Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Launch and Support
  • Marketing and Promotions
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Additional Services

Content Development Services
Translation Services
Legacy LMS Data Loads
Custom Integrations

We have a very flexible system architecture that allows us to add custom features quickly and affordable.

netexam salesforce

Channel Partner Training and Certification

In today's fast-paced business environment, your channel partners must stand ready to serve evolving customer demands. They must be equipped to combat increasing competition and stay current with ever-changing products and technologies. Highly successful companies have demonstrated time and again that certified channel partners outperform those who are not certified in terms of revenue generation, customer satisfaction, and brand advocacy.

Experienced channel managers know that extracting certification data from PRM/LMS systems can provide valuable insight into channel partner performance. Certification reports show which partners are compliant with channel program requirements, which products and specializations have received the most attention, and which incentives have had the greatest effect.

With this analysis in hand, informed decisions are made to optimize allocation of precious channel resources and funds to maximize performance of the channel.

NetExam / Salesforce.com Integration Overview

  • Partner account and contact integration:
    Account and contact information from Salesforce.com CRM is sent to NetExam to ensure instant availability of training & certification resources. Proper controls are provided to ensure that only authorized partner personnel gain access to learning resources.
  • Automatic synchronization of certification results:
    Certification results captured in NetExam are routed back to Salesforce.com instantly providing proper credit to individuals and partner accounts. Critical data for analyzing and optimizing channel performance is now available in one central location.

  • Seamless access to training resources:
    Single Sign On capability is provided to enable Salesforce.com users to instantaneously access NetExam training & certification resources. Remembering secondary logins and passwords is a thing of the past.